Everything Garage

Exhaust Fans - Garage Cooling

Tri Line Services is the only Authorized Installer of Quiet Cool fans in The Villages area.  We can help cool your garage and home attic space with the exceptional line of fans made in the USA by Quiet Cool.  Go to Quietcool.com for more information or contact Tri Line and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

Custom Cabinets/Benches/Workshop Accessories

We can help you meet your storage, bench or workshop needs with custom cabinets and features designed specifically for the space you have available.  Contact us for more information.

Laser Parking Units

Tri Line provides laser garage parking aids.  Installed starting at $80. 


Is your garage floor looking worn out?  Do you have a previously coated floor that is peeling, faded or in bad condition?  The cost of removing your old flooring, cleaning, and preparing the surface to accept a new epoxy or painted floor coating is extremely high.  Consider composite snap in floor tiles.