Tri Line Services Overview

Tri Line Services provides handyman and maintenance services in and around the area of The Villages, Florida.  Tri Line is owned by Edwin W Ingalls who is a resident of The Villages.

Mr. Ingalls has a long work history in building trades and facility maintenance in commercial and residential going back more than 40 years as well as a strong background and 2 years of vocational training in Auto Mechanics.  A brief background:

Mr. Ingalls facilities maintenance experience includes training and hands on experience, management and ownership of residential, commercial and industrial facilities including:

  • single family homes
  • multi-family apartment complexes up to 455 apartments on one site and management of over 3,000 apartments with a staff of more than 100
  • Commercial/Industrial – including design, construction, operation, maintenance and ownership of utility grade power generation plants supplying power to local utilities and municipalities.  This experience included all maintenance of all facility equipment including electrical up to 4160 VAC, mechanical including reciprocating engines up to 13,200 cubic inches, plumbing systems, and structural.

Mr. Ingalls father was a mason and he learned the trade beginning at a very young age. 

Below is a partial listing of the experience and skills Mr. Ingalls has acquired in more than 45 years of professional training and hands on experience:

  • Small repairs/installations/replacements on items such as garbage disposals, windows, doors (interior/exterior/garage), plumbing repairs such as leaks, P traps, faucet, etc. toilet repairs/replacement, picture hanging, ceiling fan installation and more.
  • Lock installation/rekeying and mastering
  • Tile installation – floors, tub, and shower.
  • AC and DC electrical installation/maintenance up to 4160 VAC
  • Carpentry – residential and commercial new rough construction and renovations and repairs on buildings up to 15 stores.  Finish/trim carpentry.
  • Plumbing installation and repairs on residential and commercial up to commercial installations and maintenance on residential buildings up to 15 stories.
  • Screen repairs and replacement
  • Glass cutting
  • Masonry – stone, brick, block and poured concrete. 
  • Remodeling/construction – home renovations, remodeling as well as complete design and construction of bathrooms, kitchens, decks, stairs, drop ceilings, flooring, tile, brick, counter tops, cabinet installations, etc.
  • Heat and AC system installations and repairs
  • Removal of water between glass panes
  • Appliance repair including washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and more.

With more than 45 years of experience in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial construction, operations, maintenance, management and ownership of facilities, Mr. Ingalls brings the experience, ability and knowledge to provide full service professional high quality maintenance to your home. 

Examples of work recently completed.


This is an installation of a new dining room light for one of our customers.

Light turned off and on.  Dimmer switch was also installed control brightness

Garage floor snap in installation.

This is a highly durable interlocking polymer flooring system specifically designed for garage floors.  These floor float on the existing concrete floor with no adhesive so they can be removed at any time with no damage or issues related to the underlying floor.  Tiles are one-foot square.  In the unlikely event a tile is damaged, they can be removed and replaced.  The ties snap into place, interlocking with each other so they form a single sturdy and coherent surface that does not move. 

The floor is highly durable and handles heavy loads and impacts with no damage.  Easy to clean and resistant to most chemicals typically kept in a garage.

To install we move the contents of the garage to clear enough space to work and then install the floor.  Typical two or three car garage installation is complete in one day.

Slip resistant and easy to sweep and wash.

A wide variety of colors and patterns are available to customize your garage floor to your preferences.

This type of flooring hides all cracks in the base concrete with no preparation of the cracks necessary unless the concrete has unlevel surfaces at crack lines.  Epoxy or other painted floors are subject to extensive concrete repair to hide cracks and if further cracks develop they will be visible in your new epoxy or painted floor.

A typical garage floor costs less than painting, epoxy or other concrete bonded surfaces, is quicker and creates far less mess to install.

We completed installation of this floor in one day without emptying the garage contents.  We simply moved the garage contents from one section of the floor to another to accommodate the installation and then back in the original position when the floor was complete.

Below you can see the basic layout is complete.  From here we simply filled in the rest of the flooring moving the garage contents as we progressed.

As you can see this floor had a epoxy finish that had failed. This was the second epoxy finish on this floor in 15 years.  To re-apply epoxy or paint to this floor would have required grinding the flooring off and preparing the sub surface to take the new epoxy or paint.  This process is very messy, time consuming and expensive.  Our floor was done in 1/3rd the time at about 1/3 the cost with very little mess and no chance of additional cracking of the floor or bonding issues destroying the new floor.

New garage entry door installation.

The customer had a garage door without a window.  They asked us to install a door with a window.  This door has built in blinds between the glass.  We also installed a new lock and rekeyed the lock so it operated off the same key as the original door.

The customer was extremely happy with the additional light in the laundry area and the ability of anyone coming in or out to see if someone was on the other side working on laundry.  Total installation time to remove the old door and install the new one was about 4 hours. 

Lock installations, rekeying and mastering. 

We install new locks, repair/replace old locks and rekey your entire house so it works on the same key.  We also install electronic locks to allow entry with a push button code on the lock.

Ceiling fan installations

Tile work:  Flooring, tubs/showers, back splashes etc.

Here a new ceramic floor installed for one of our customers.  We removed the carpet from the bedrooms and closets and the old ceramic tile from the bathroom and replaced it with new ceramic tile flooring throughout.